Portable Display Cases  pages 04 - 05 - 05a
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Owning your showcases adds both consistency and security to your display. 
Designed for easy handling and portability, Arizona Cases are the overwhelming choice of dealers who want to increase their profits.  Investing in your own showcases is the intelligent alternative to renting. Customers have told us that their new cases paid for themselves in less than two months.
 Assembles in minutes - No special tools required.


Step 1 -
Place the floor of the case on your table and stand up the hinged front.

Step 2
Attach the sides by inserting the slip hooks into the slots on the front.

Step 3 ‑
The door frame is next. Its hooks are inserted into slots on both sides.

Step 4 -
Insert the floorboard and place the top over the side slip hooks.

Step 5 -
Lock the case together from the inside by turning the assembly locks up into the slots underneath the front edge of the top glass. 


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