Gemstone Storage & Display Trays
Trays featured on this page are available in combinations of black & white.  Please specify color when ordering:
"BK" for black jar inserts, or "WH" for white jar inserts.  Available open trays or with double magnetic lid trays
A GT50 Full size tray w/50 GB3 jars
  GTC50 covered
B GT24 Full size tray w/24 GB1 jars
  GTC24 covered
C GT36 Full size tray w/36 GB2 jars
  GTC36 covered
D GT47 Full size tray w/12 GB1, 35 GB3 jars
  GTC47 covered
E GT40 Full size tray w/8 GB1, 8 GB2, 24 GB3 jars
  GTC40 covered
F GT12 Half size tray w/12 GB1 jars
  GTC12 covered
G GT16 Half size tray w/16 GB2 jars
  GTC16 covered
H GT25 Half size tray w/25 GB2 jars
  GTC25 covered
I GT15 Third size tray w/15 GB3 jars
  GTC15 covered
J GT08 Pocket size tray w/8 GB3 jars
  GTC08 covered
K Economy Gem Jars
Available as shown in BK or WH, includes jars and background foam
  GB3X 50 jars
  GB2X 36 jars
  GB1X 24 jars
L Paper Labels  
  YGB3 50 labels
  YGB3BULK 1000 labels
M Adhesive Labels
  YGBS 12 labels
  YGBS BULK 252 labels
N Gem Jars By the dozen or in bulk pack of 100
  Bulk packs contain unassembled gem jars which may include lids too scratched for good display.  Pads included.  Please specify size and color.  No returns on bulk packs
  GB1 1 5/8" x 5/8"
  GB2 1 3/8" x 5/8"
  GB3 1 1/8" x 5/8"
O Gem Boxes By the dozen, available in black or white
  LGTR 1" X 2"
  LGTS 1" X 1"



  Gem Jars  pages 41 - 42 - 43
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