Model 233
 - Arizona Cases are available in an anodized gold (AG), silver (AS), or black (AB)

The new 233 offers extra height, and one shelf.  It sits in between the height of the 231 and 232.  It's tall enough to show a little more, without becoming overwhelming.  It works well with mirrored doors, giving you the added benefits they provide, without hiding you from your customer's view - (or you from what they're interested in).  Though taller, it is still a workable height for use as a 'counter'.


- Glass Doors
(Case comes standard with mirror)

- Halogen strip lighting BLQ113 (p.17)

- NEW! LED lighting!

- Carrying case BFC4 (p.18)

- Additional floorboards available


Model 233 : 34" x 22" x 16" high




 Silver (shown)





(Shown with Model 231 for comparison)