* items available in two tone
A - D.*   These elegant busts provide a stylish backdrop that will enhance your most exquisite pieces The neck forms are available in four heights to accommodate most necklace lengths
A VN48 9 1/2" wide x 17" high
B VN46 9" wide x 15" high
C VN44 8" wide x 10 1/2" high
D VN42 6" wide x 7" high


E - G.* The slight variation from the soft shouldered forms gives these busts a formal look. Their expanded front makes them ideal for showing larger pieces.  Three sizes are available
E VN56 8 1/2" wide x 10 1/2" high
F VN54 7 1/2" wide x 8" high
G VN52 7" wide x 6" high


H - J.* Without compromising elegance, these low, wide busts fit well inside a standard jewelers case.  The angle allows merchandise to be easily viewed from above
H VN66 8 3/4" wide x 6 1/2" high
I VN64 7 1/2" wide x 6" high
J VN62 6" wide x 5" high


K.  Neck fan - Perfect for highlighting pearls and other pieces where the chain is as important as the pendant attached.  Give your art work the presentation it deserves.  18 hooks
K  VCD18H  26" x 14" x 3"
 ●  When putting together a showcase or window display consider using a theme. The theme should reinforce your message and be creative and memorable. Holiday, seasonal or regional displays will draw attention to your store window or trade show booth.



  Neck Forms  pages 32 - 33 - 34
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