Model 241

The new 241 was developed after a customer expressed a desire for a case that was as elegant, but not quite as deep as the 231.  At 16 Inches, it doesn't take up the whole table.  As an added bonus, it is easier to access all corners of the interior.  It's shallow depth works to put your goods forward, creating less of a barrier between the clerk and customer.


- Glass Doors
(Case comes standard with mirror)

- Halogen strip lighting BLQ113 (p.17)

- NEW! LED lighting!

- Carrying case BFC253 (Use BFC253 for one case, or BFC4 for two) (p.18)

- Additional floorboards available


Model 241 : 34" x 16" x 11" high






 Black (shown)



(Shown with Model 231 for comparison)