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At Arizona Case, we will work with you to create the right design for your store. This usually begins with a floor plan. Simply Fax or Email us a simple or detailed sketch of the store layout, with a rough idea of case placement, and any other requirements for review.

Here are some questions and common features to think about.

1. ‑Locks.
The cases do not come with locks for the display area. This is an inexpensive upgrade that is well worth it.

2. ‑Lights. We can outfit showcases with halogen or fluorescent lighting, front and rear.

3. ‑Electrical. Wiring can be as basic as a
pig-tail, or as convenient as interlocking case to case plugs.

4. ‑Mirrored ends and doors. This can help with illumination, cut out distractions, reinforce a theme and create a spacious feel to the case.

5. ‑Laminate finish. Upgrading to a high pressure laminate adds durability to your cases, as well as adding greater possibilities
for the finish.

6. ‑Flush front. Create more storage and a cleaner look by bringing the base in line with the glass.

7. ‑Storage. Initially just open space, the area beneath the display can be doors, drawers or any combination thereof.

8. ‑Floorboards. Fabric covered floorboards can be made for your cases to match your store's decor, your displays, or to highlight certain lines.


Keep in mind when ordering Fixtures for your store, they will likely be made for you. Plan ahead; allow a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks for production from the time your order is approved. All orders must be approved before production can be scheduled. Approved orders are non-cancelable once production begins.

We often have some cases on hand that are available to ship quickly. Full view and Extra view modular cases 70", 60", or 48" long are kept in stock to ship within 48 hours, as is the jewelry case at 70" long. They are locking and lighted, with silver trim and low pressure laminate. Call for color availability.