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PAR 20 LED 35W DaylightBLED12 High output 12 watt LED par 38 BulbBLED19, Single Diode Par 39 LED bulb
BLTRUS swivel track fixture, medium edison base, three way


   Overhead Lighting     
F BL28 (BK and WH)   - Fixture w/clamp
G BL29 (BK and WH)   - Double fixture
H BL02 (BK and WH)   - Double adapter
I. BL09 (BK and WH)   - Double extender
J BLO8 (BK and WH)   - Single Extender
K BLQTOTA   - Tota light
  BLQTOTA CORD   - Replacement cord w/switch
  BLQTOTA SHIELD   - Replacement shield
LED PAR38 Now Available.
A direct replacement for our BLQB100
(now manufacturer discontinued 100 watt halogens).  The bulbs fit standard medium Edison Base fixtures.

$45.00 /ea for 12 watt -
(approximately 75w equivalent)
Available in 3-3500, or 6-6500 Kelvin (we are phasing these out in favor of the brighter bulbs)

$45.00 /ea for 19 watt - Single Diode
(approximately 125w equivalent)
Available in 3000, 4000, or 5000 Kelvin

$65.00/ea for 24 watt
Available in 2500, or 6500 Kelvin
$80.00/ea for 35 watt -  Diode
($72 in quantities of 4, $64/ea at 12+ units)

(approximately 225w halogen equivalent)

The 35W bulbs are custom built for Arizona Case with both 3000 Kelvin, and 6000 Kelvin diodes, to better approximate a natural daylight, rather than target a specific spike in the wavelength.  They average at about 5000 Kelvin, which is a neutral Daylight, and do well with a variety of colors.  We make them with a 28 degree beam angle.  This is tight enough to keep the 2900+ Lumens on the merchandise, and still evenly light a decent area.  

Call for availability on Mixed Diodes for other bulbs.

110V Track Swivel fixtures are available to retrofit these bulbs to your existing system in either black or white finish.  $16.00/ea