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A. BLED 3C - cool +/- 6000K, 800, 30 watt
   BLED 3M - alternating +/- 5000K, 30 watt
   BLED 3W - warm +/- 3000K, 30 watt
B. BLED 2C - cool +/- 6000K,  26 watt
   BLED 2W - warm +/- 3000K, 26 watt
   BLED 2M - alternating +/- 5000K, 26 watt
C. BLED 1C - cool +/- 6000K, 18 watt
   BLED 1W - warm +/- 3000K, 18 watt
   BLED 1M - alternating +/- 5000K, 18 watt
D. BLED Transformer, 12 or 24 volt




LED Strip Lighting 

( Overhead lights )


30 watt LED 34" Strip (Fits most case models) - new construction as of 2015!
They are brighter, at almost 30 watts for the 30" strip, averaging 900 Lumen/ft the better quality diode delivers more sparkle than most of the competition.  We use a higher bin diode, W5 and X5 ranked,
which deliver up to 90 CRI for better true color representation as well as more consistency between batches.  We have the chipset produced to our specifications and build them in house.  Not only are they brighter and more reliable, we can offer them at a lower price than previously.



$150.00 Each strip (34")

$140.00 Each at 4 pieces


Available in WARM, COOL or Neutral daylight.  Includes clips and transformer.  All light strips are quality tested and include everything needed to set it up in and match to your existing Arizona Case.  Also, you can save $15 and run two strips on one transformer!

Custom case self retrofitting and special lengths also available, call for a quote.   There are several options available for retrofitting store fixtures, or for custom cases.  They range from as low as $25 per foot, up to about $60 per foot depending on the quality and configuration you need.





(Discontinued Halogen Lights shown for illustration of standard lengths)